His Story

I first met Vicky in spring of 2008 in a Bellevue tennis class taught by my friend, Sandy. After many years of not playing tennis, I wanted to get back in the game and decided to take a tennis class with Sandy. I remember the first day of class when I first saw Vicky. She was the only girl in full tennis outfit. Tennis skirts and all, that really did catch my eyes. I remember that we did not talk much in the tennis class. We were both in the advance level class, but did not even play in the same doubles practice. I remember one day after class, we all went to Applebees for happy hour and for the first time, I got a chance to talk to Vicky. I ask her where was she from. She said Beijing. I said, oh really, you are a northern Chinese, that’s why you are so tall. and I am sure you love noodles too right? To my surprise, she said no… actually I don’t like noodles. I thought to myself at that time, “really?? you don’t like noodles?”. After that we always crosses path playing tennis and at few parties. But it was not until January 2009 that things began to heat up.

I remember it was January 2009, Vicky just came back from Europe, I just came back from Alabama, we met up at a small Japanese restaurant in old town Bellevue called Ginza. I don’t remember what we had for dinner, but I do remember that it was such an awesome conversation. For some reason, we had a great time that night. We talked and talked and talked. After that night, I began to see Vicky more and more frequently.

Throughout 2009, our relationship developed even more. Vicky joined my company volleyball team, the Transient Spikes. We only won 2 games in regular season in 2009, but we had so much fun. Before the end of the volleyball season, I had a major fire accident and my shirt caught on fire. I had a second degree burn my body. But with the love and care of Vicky, I quickly recovered. Vicky was so patient and caring through out my healing process.

Vicky and I love to travel, in 2009 we covered Portland, San Diego, Minneapolis, Ames, Auburn, Ephrata, and Paris. In 2010, New York, Beijing, and Las Vegas so far.
And of course in Beijing this year, I proposed to Vicky at the Summer palace at the royal dinning room. Come by during our reception and I will tell you the whole story. It was an exciting and amazing 1st stage of our 3 stage proposal.

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